Omar Sedky - All Night

About the Single 

Artists: Omar Sedky

Label: Devamag Music

Release Date: 31. May 2019

People: Omar Sedky

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Song Lyric

Omar Sedky - All Night

from the first Source

She be gettin' high all night
She be gettin' drunk on wine
I be gettin' texts from my ex that she wanna die

I be fuckin' up her life
She really thought she'd be my wife
All this bullshit gotta end
So she gonna grab the knife

Held me on a line
Prevented me to shine
All this made me think 'bout love - man that's just not right

Were you really mine
Or were you just someone's dine
I just left you behind
It felt allright

You truly had me goin' crazy
You truly had me gettin' fucked up
I truly used to call you my baby
Now - I don't even give a fuck

She be gettin' high thats right
She be gettin' drunk on time
I be gettin' texts from my ex
She can not stop cry

I be fuckin' up her life
She really thought it is allright
All this bullshit broke the light
Had to quit before we fight

Man she held me on the line
She prevented me to shine
I was thinkin' about love
Shit it was the wrong time

How could I be so damn blind
Treat you good be so damn kind
For us I was on the grind
You just stabbed me from behind

Yea you can leave a bitch and its easy
This is what I do - everytime she teasin'
Still she does not believe me when im leavin'

Got a new chick
Fell in love with her so quick
She also thinks that my tunes be sick

She won't even take a hit
This girl's just the shit
Outside actin' good
But at home she wants my dick

I just wanna get her right
I just wanna fuck all night
I just wanna be in that pussy when I die

I won't have none on the side
We got us the future's bright
In the dark you show the light
Everything I want, I want it twice

If you wanna roll the dice - that's good
She ain't even after the rice man that's good
She's willin' to pay the price that's good
Commin' from the same place man that's hood

This is were we grew up we were sellin' shit
First bag sold can’t remember shit
First bong hit can’t remember shit
Look at us doing yeah look at what we did




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